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LUGTUR is an Spanish abbreviation word for LUGares TURisticos – Touristic Places –

We love Mexico, we started making YouTube travel videos 4 years ago, but we are branching out the brand to new ideas.

Mexico it’s a beautiful country, but we have stopped making videos or travel through the country because it’s not very safe for the moment. We were a team of just 2 people traveling with our own resources.

For the moment LUGTUR is going to elaborate the several travel guides of different countries from the safe space of our home office. We intend to learn from our research to then start traveling again.

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What about the Websites?

We have been creating the tourist websites of several countries as complete as possible, which has been a great odyssey in terms of information, little by little we have generated version 1 and we are in the process of a 2nd version of the Mexico and Canada sites.

We invite you to get to know this sites full of information, few sites have this organization and little by little we will be linking the videos we make on Youtube.

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